Founded in 2002, SDCS is the #1 Debt Collection Agency in Singapore. We offer comprehensive coverage of every stage of the debt collection process for both Individual and corporate risk solutions. Featured in various media in recent years, SDCS has grown to be the TOP Debt Collector In Singapore.

4 reasons why it is wise to engage a Debt Collection agency

Delayed payers hinder the financial health of your company. Chances are that you have too little time or knowledge to adequately collect the unpaid invoices. And the older the debt gets, the harder it is to get paid. Here are four reasons why engaging a Debt Collection agency is wise.
1. Legal protection

There are numerous laws that apply to the process of following-up unpaid invoices. Engaging a Debt Collection agency removes the legal risks associated with attempting to collect debts yourself. SDCS can also advise you on what you can do to ensure that future invoices are paid on time.
2. Successful collection

Summoning someone to pay is more than sending a reminder. SDCS has experience in collecting unpaid debts and have proven to be successful in collecting debts fast. After all, the primary focus of your business is running your business, but the primary focus of us is collecting unpaid invoices. Our trained professionals know the best techniques to get invoices paid and knows how to deal with excuses. Debt Collection agencies are also a much greater threat to debtors than you or your company can accomplish.
3. Documentation

Engaging a collection agency ensures proper documentation of the collection process. When SDCS communicates with debtors, this is registered in our debt collection system. Should you decide to sue a debtor in the future, SDCS will have a solid record of every attempt to collect the debt. This documentation shows the court that you have made extensive efforts to collect the debt extrajudicially. 
4. What documents are required before heading to SDCS?

For personal debt collection, SDCS requires agreement, IOU, payment transferred slip, and other sorts of evidence proof. Whereas for corporate debt collection, SDCS requires statements of account, invoices, delivery orders, and all related evidence.
Due to our professionalism and efficiency in handling tough situations, we have gotten the limelight in various media. Both locally and internationally.
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